Flowers, Sun, Mint and over-flowing with happiness!

I know I was going to talk about kitchens today but I can’t help it I’m filled to the max with happiness ( in fact, I’m over-flowing) It’s so beautiful here in our little corner of the world today. The annual long weekend called May 2-4 is here and this is the weekend when many gardens are started.  My Awesome mountain friend Carla is starting her vegetable garden at her house and with the help of Lenka we started our flower and herb  planter gardens here today.

The air is fresh, the mojhito mint is sharp and sweet and the hummingbirds have already come to call….Twice!

Wine Friday didn’t begin until late afternoon yesterday, so there is still half a bottle of Quails Gate Chardonnay to enjoy in the sun today. And I’ve been outside all day so far.  This is how I plan to spend the summer months that I am here.

I kept looking around at the beauty that is my life and saying to myself “who’s life sucks?”  Well surely not our’s or  wee Roop’s, we are lucky and we all know it.  Lenka and I were first at the Garden Centre early this morning after a pre-visit to Starbucks for a couple of lattes – make mine blonde……..

seriously if you haven’t tried your latte or cappuccino with the blonde bean rather than the standard espresso, you are missing out. Seriously smooth and delicious!

We picked lots of flowers of the hanging variety that spill out and hang over the edges of their containers – pink, red, blue,yellow, orange, white and lime green and lots of herbs, basil, oregano, rosemary, spearmint, oops forgot parsley.  Today’s herb is mojhito mint.  It reminds me of growing up on the shores of Lake Ontario —  I’m pretty sure it grew wild everywhere – my  brain recognizes the smell, my eyes the leaves and my fingers the rough texture. All it needs is a couple of months of sun, some rum and some ice and boom! I will be hosting cocktails on the upper deck come summer.  Please join me if you are going to be in the neighbourhood.  That will be me, waving from the upper deck.  In fact, my friend Nancy is rolling in on Wednesday on her way to Vancouver with 4 friends and a 16-year old.  Lots of room here for friends

Later in the week Carla will be by to help clean and organize the lower deck. Our two red Muskoka  (or Adirondack) chairs await proper placement as does the dining table, umbrella and chairs.  The lower planters are looking sweet and the rock garden is bursting with life from last year and the year prior’s plantings. This year Lenka added spearmint and a few other lovelies to the party.  Chives are everywhere!

Ok,thats it saving this and will finish and post tomorrow, Monday, once I’ve got some photos to go along with this narrative.  For tonight ribs are baking low and slow in the oven, to be finished off on the BBQ tonight with some Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce (Robbie’s favourite). If he was here I’d make him an awesome  Caesar salad to go with. – it’s his dessert island meal I think, washed down with a pint or two I’m sure.  See you soon  I hope.

Here are a few pictures.  OK, you can’t see the flowers all that well but there are window boxes all around the deck.  Once they fill out they will look amazing and I’ll post some updated pictures , for now you can just enjoy the view.


Stay Awesome!




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