Freedom? It feels like it

I’ve been waiting for this day.  Maybe you have too, and you just didn’t know it.  As you know I’ve been seeking a garment, a technique or a tool to help me with the one item that still confounded my independence.

Eureka!! I actually “found” it a few months ago but thought I had purchased the wrong size. So on Wednesday I decided to try again.  My awesome mountain friend, Carla was over so I asked her to help me fit it properly, strap adjustments and such.  She did and it looked and felt good.

Yesterday my husband helped me with doing up the hooks at the back and today, voila, I did it myself. It’s actually not that hard once you’ve found a bra that’s the proper size, material  and adjusted it to properly fit you.  I put it on like I’m putting on a pair of trousers. Injured leg first, then the other and slide it up over your hips, and around your waist pull up the straps, injured side first, then the other, adjust as necessary for all day comfort. You could go the other way, top, down over your head and position it at your waist that way – whatever works, I say.

The bra?Evolution by Knix, comfy stretchy fabric,slides nicely and doesn’t get all twisted like my others have.  It’s not funny to be alone and twisted up and contorted into an unyielding bra.  Discouraging and maybe even dangerous.

This is the final bit of sartorial freedom I’ve been waiting for.  It makes me unreasonably happy, especially now that I will be traveling with friends starting next month and into the Fall.  I’m also thinking that this may be helpful to my Mom who is struggling with arthritis in her hands, and has recently complained of difficulty getting the bra hooks done up.  I will try one with her and let you know how it works for her issue.


In other news….

My first psychology course is progressing well, not rapidly, but well.  I’m over half-way complete.  I hit a hump, but I got over it. There are still too many things that compete for my time including two new goals yet to be started:


1) drivers license rehab/training  in Vernon

2)mirror box therapy for my arm, hand and fingers.


Each of these requires a daily commitment to produce success and I want them both.  I just don’t have the time to do everything I want or accomplish as much as I should.  But it needs sorting out – I will discuss goals and priorities with my friend Ann when I stay with her in Toronto next month —-she has a very pragmatic down-to-earth way of netting things out that should be helpful.

Meanwhile I exercise in some fashion every day andI continue to believe that this and a healthy diet have produced  the best ROI on my time. I have a daily circuit that I like and will be taking on the road with me as follows:


  • 15 forward lunges left
  • 15 forward lunges right
  • 15 squats
  • 15 standing push ups
  • 15 right hand/left leg reaches
  • 15 reverse reaches
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 bridges
  • yoga stretches


  • Repeat
  • Repeat again  each 10x


I have this circuit to complete today sometime and after that I will be cooking.  My husband has requested pasta tonight so I will make a simple bolongese sauce.  I am also going to make a simple white bean and sausage stew for me. This is another great dish to make and store in single serving sizes for a quick, healthy lunch anytime.


Stay Awesome!

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