Through most of my adult life I’ve had two really great best friends that I dream and travel with. One of our dreams has always been to buy an island somewhere, maybe somewhere tropical or maybe Northern Ontario and run some kind of retreat-based business, each of us doing things we really enjoy, together while generating some retirement income.

Lately I’ve come to thinking it may not be an island , just a large property where we can live and have fun together all year round.  Of course we now have husbands, children  and others to consider beyond ourselves (who may not be into us the same way we are into each other) but it is still may be possible…our dream lives on.  I will discuss this over a jug of Sangria in the Algarve with Nancy in September and on a patio in Toronto with Mea in June.

Who knows what life has in store for us yet?  Whatever it is I know one thing for sure and that is we will always have each other.

My Mom texted me today that she’d give anything to have my Dad back with her (he has alzeimers and she sees him on Wednesdays)

So my deep thought for today is get busy living and appreciate what you have every single day.  I  didn’t do it before my stroke but I sure do now.   So very fortunate here in my little corner of the world to have my husband, my wee pug Roop, and the ability to travel wherever my heart desires to see and enjoy family and friends wherever they might be or we might choose to be together.


Stay Awesome!

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