Learning to Fly

Sunday morning. I Think I’ll listen to Linda Rhonstadt’s radio station on Spotify. It’s perfect for a rainy Sunday morning in the mountains. All my favourites. Carole King, James Taylor, Don Henley and wait is that Crystal Gayle??

I’m planning a trip to Toronto in June so I have a few things to do to be 100% ready. I still use the wheelchair a bit now and then in the mornings fresh out of bed just until I’m dresssd and have all my footwear on , walk ready, so to speak and again in the evening as I wear socks with little plastic grabs on the bottom in the evening now without my AFO it’s still pretty new to be walking without shoes so I use the chair to help. But I’m not taking the chair to Toronto so I need to completely eliminate it from my routine.

This has been my first night and day without it and I say a big  “no problem”. I’m planning to leave mid June as my new nephew should be rolling in to town by then and I’m looking forward to meeting him.  I’m going to stay with my friend Ann mostly and also with my Mom in my hometown of Ajax (what used to be a wee suburb and now is almost a city of its own) and a few days with my lovely Scottish Auntie in the downtown Entertainment District. Maybe go see a play while I’m there.

I’m going to try to line up my return with my friend Shannon’s trip out to spend time Stampeding in Calgary and Hanging in Fernie early July.  Yahoo!

I heard a line from a song the other day  that helps me understand why everyone is so protective of me. And it goes like this

“People like you make people like me so fucking nervous”.

–The Beach

But  for now Crystal Gayle sings “Don’t  it make my brown eyes blue”  Brown eyes blue


Stay Awesome!

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