Finding Equilibrium

Today is so very beautiful.  Sarah is off to a fancy party in YYC this weekend but there is always time for a walk on a day like today.  Last Fall I circumnavigated Maiden Lake in 55 minutes Today it took just 30 minutes including walking down and up stairs to/from the path) and we grabbed loads of vitamin D along the way.  Back home for a quick lunch and a few Lumosity games (Train of Thought is what I play at the moment in preparation for return to driving later this summer.  As an aside:  I’m at level 8 right now.) Wine Friday begins on the deck later this afternoon.  Awesome Mountain friend Carla is here this afternoon, now fully recovered from a bout of pnumonia.  Here is a picture of us from a few months back in case you’ve forgotten what she looks like


I had a really good conversation with Sarah about back fat, body image, genetic luck and just plain learning to love who you are and what you’ve been blessed with.  I fluctuate up or down within 5lbs of a good body weight regardless of what I eat.  Find your equilibrium and work within it to live and enjoy your life.

And if your today looks like mine, go for a walk before indulging in your Friday treat, as you all know mine is wine on Friday.  Perhaps you are wondering what wine I am drinking these days?  Well its an unoaked chardonney from BC’s Okanagan Valley.  Seriously chilled, perhaps with an ice cube to keep it chilly on a +20 day like today.  Ola!

Here’s another picture from my walk this morning.  Must have dropped my smile somewhere along the way.



I will post a few pictures of Awesome Mountain Trainer, Sarah in a few weeks time.  Today would have been great as she looked especially amazing this morning – really beautiful!

Stay Awesome!

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