Spring has Sprung


My schedule is actually full but I’m willing to swap something out.  Lu recommended I do a better schedule.  And she’s right, my paper schedule is pretty half- hearted and so is the way I follow it on the smaller things that don’t quite make it to the top of the priority list most days.

Sarah and I are going to start walking around Maiden Lake soon as the weather has now turned to Spring in the mountains.  I have last year’s time to beat which should be easy given all our work this winter. I own the gym and I’m really strong.

(As an aside:  I’ve noticed some back fat creeping in while trying on clothes on Monday.  Any advice on this and how to nip it in the bud before it gets irreversible?  I’ve just been advised after randomly querying  awesome mountain friend to try adding wide push-ups to my exercise plan and avoid narrow bra bands around the chest and arms. That should be easy as I’m still working on finding a bra I can put on by myself.  I have now tried everything including over the head and feet first pulling up over hips, etc., and I’ve settled on the Hanes cami with the built in shelf bra (not very flattering but I’m not in a position to be all that picky.)  Now I just need to order more in various colours.  I only have three at the moment – one pink and two blue.

Right now I’m sitting inside writing tomorrow’s blog while waiting to leave for Massage Wednesday with Karen at Fernie Massage. Wednesday’s are great as dressing is simple to make the process of getting clothes off and then on again before and after massage easy and fast. Today it’s a dress with AFO and running shoes.  Doesn’t get much easier.

Back from massage and feeling great.  If your budget permits, this is an awesome addition to your weekly routine that promotes an overall, holistic view to your health and well-being.

But back to the topic at hand. How to add some outdoor time to my routine. Soon I’ll be planting with Lenka and painting my outdoor rattan furniture. So maybe I’ll just add half an hour sitting on the balcony to my everyday schedule.  Awesome mountain friend will be planting her amazing garden soon and I’ve volunteered to help plant and harvest this year.

And there is still my stretch goal to walk around our property downhill, across, then uphill – this is a really big deal and I will need to plan for it as I know it will take at least one hour maybe one and a half and be exhausting.  A few trips around Maiden lake before I try.  I see lots of people out walking up the hill one side of our property and down the other, families, girlfriends, singletons – its obviously a great workout,

The snow is now almost completely gone from view on land and I can only see it now at the top of Mount Fernie from my office window, and across the top of the Lizard Range from my dining and living rooms, snowy, stark white against the big blue sky.

Today’s feature image is from a year ago on a day like today where my sister-in-law and nephew play in our backyard.

That’s it for now.  I have some Lumosity training to do this morning. a new schedule to create and perhaps some studying to get in before I leave for the gym.

Stay Awesome!







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