Goals: Lets go Shopping

I had a goal remaining from my time at the hospital and that was to go shopping with my friend Lori at Nordstrom in Chinook Centre, Calgary.  This may sound like an easy goal but at the time it was a stretch goal as I was still in a wheelchair and  just learning to walk while building endurance.  I’m happy to say I can now cross that goal off my list as a fun Monday morning was had in Calgary earlier this week with Lori shopping along with lunch and wine.

Wine you say?  On a Monday??  Are you out there enjoying life or something??!!??…….well, …….yes I am.

If you still  find that intimidating, going shopping in a busy mall, prepare and practice ahead of time. Carry a light bag or just essentials in your pocket. And there is help everywhere, especially at Nordstrom so just ask if you need it.  Wine at lunch?  Make sure you understand your new limits, you need to be able to walk around again or at least get yourself back to the car when you are done.

Walking is tiring so prepare by practicing every day and work your way up to, say 30 minutes on your feet, strolling around.  Ask about rest areas in the mall and the stores you will be visiting and take your feet off for a wee minute or two along the way. ( or even better lookup a map of the mall ahead of time and plan your most efficient route).  It is really helpful to bring a friend, who can scout ahead for you to find restrooms,etc.  Good to know where there will be stairs involved on your trip.

I love a good sale and Nordstrom does pretty good ones.  Fortunately for me it was beachwear since I am doing major advance planning for Portugal in the Fall.  I picked out a few items including swimsuits which are never cheerful or uplifting garments to try on, I don’t care who you are, there is always something most egregious about your body to fixate on.  Fortunately due to regular attendance at half price waxing Wednesday’s , the situation is not as terrifying as it could have been to cautiously, nay courageously look in that mirror once mission of getting it on  or nearly on was accomplished.

Thankfully awesome friend Lori was happy to help me out in the changing room. This is where you are really glad you listened to Mom and wore somewhat decent underwear as you bend as best you can and contort to try on a Maxi-dress, with cold shoulders ( that’s the trendy, sexy off the shoulder look).

Eureka! Yikes!  Holy Shit!  Medium actually fits and from what I can tell while worn over underwear and a cami bra top,  it looks good (well good enough) and  I can walk while wearing it.  Next two little dresses, same story.  Not so the sriped halter one-piece that I was really hopeful about.  Also, not so was the awkward to put on bikini top (definitely not a one man job and definitely not worth the effort).  So sad, too bad but there are lots of good disposable fashion shopping in Lisbon and thereabouts (As an aside:  I think Iberia is the home of Zara) so bikini tops and the like will have to wait for now.

So much has changed. A beach vacation is no longer about looking cute with a sweet little dress and strappy sandals with a pretty mani/pedi. It’s about finding that dress and ensuring I can get it on and off myself. Forget the sandals. I got myself a sweet floppy beach hat.  All I need to wear that well is oversize sunglasses, hot red lips, matching fingers and toes worn with  a bit of a pout. – I can handle that.

Today’s feature image is my most awesome friend Fred who I met for lunch on Sunday.

Ola! here is a picture of lunch with Lori on Monday.


Back to my regular routine this week., which now includes a weekly session with Lu, the OT who will be helping me get on the road back to driving this summer.  Exciting times ahead.  There will be lots to write about this summer.  My friend Shannon is coming for a visit, perhaps some Stampeding in July.

Stay Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Goals: Lets go Shopping

  1. Don Lee

    So happy to hear about the shopping expedition and the “no shame” in asking for assistance. Love the Heather with the hot red lipstick and nails to match.

    Yes, we do fixate on a part of the body – too bad and so sad that I fixate on the whole old and ugly body of a chinaman. Gross!

    1. Heather Campbell-Pearce

      You are so handsome Don, with the body of a God. Lots to be proud of and you should Lots of love you. StayAwesome!

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