Mountain views at Dusk

I am so grateful for our amazing house which we purchased within a year of moving to Alberta.  We were looking for a place to bolt to on Friday night after work where we could comfortably stay, play and host friends for the weekend or longer,  So it had to be within a 3 hour drive of our house in Calgary.  A colleague recommended Fernie  just across the border in BC, so one September long weekend we packed up our old pugs, Ben and Lou, drove to Fernie and bought a house – as one does on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when you are in love and full of optimism for your future together.  The owner had been baking bread that morning so the house felt like home with smells of warm bread and butter and that is happiness in any language.

We havesurvived these months through the long, cold winter in our little mountain town, gotten stronger, and we  think we will pause here awhile longer to enjoy our good fortune while the sun is shining in our little corner of the world.

I have really come to appreciate what we have together and, without sounding too much like Pollyanna, I try to be grateful for what we have.  We are lucky.  We planned as much as we could for this time in our lives and while not perfect, we have good health, each other, a rascally little pug named Roop, and very few worries or stresses in our lives.

Yesterday’s optimism has spilled into today and we are heading out to Calgary again where we have some work to do and a goal to meet in shopping and lunching with my good friend Lori later this weekend.

Have a great weekend, wherever you are, and

Stay Awesome!


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