A Promising Day

The weather here has finally broken and it looks like blue skies ahead for the next week or so.

I’m off for a little tlc this morning – that is a facial at the local Spa 901.  I think I’m aging well and that is all about good skin care and its never too late to start.  As I’ve said before, a routine is your best friend.  Get yourself into a personal care groove.  It won’t take long to see visible differences.

After this I’m heading to the kitchen for coffee and back to my office for some Luminosity training – I have patterns to remember and trains to manage  this morning before I go anywhere.  Then its an hour at the gym with Sarah – I’m still owning it!  Yesterday I finalized plans for our trip to Portugal in September and I need to update my travel companions about our schedule.  I’m traveling with my good and fun friend Ann and meeting five others in Faro where we have rented a house close-by.

Today feels full of hope and promise.

Stay Awesome!

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