I was wrong My dance card is not full – There is always room for another goal if you really want it!

I met with an Occupational Therapist yesterday morning, let’s call her Lou.  Great session to discuss  what can be done to further improve my  mobility and get ready for return to driving and all that is involved in tackling and clearing that hurdle.  Remember when I said my dance card was full and I couldn’t take on any more commitments?  Well I was wrong.

I also need to throw away some clutter that remains in my head about my old life and continues to take up space in and get in the way of moving on.  I am never going back to the person I used to be or the life I used to have. So I’m getting on with getting on to the better life and more awesome me than I used to be.  We have made a great life right now and as the start of something new it’s a pretty damn fine beginning.

Life is like that. You want something else.  Make some room to work for it.   I want to drive. So at a minimum, I need to add an hour every day to start to prepare for the challenges that this will surely be sending my way.  I worked on Luminosity for an hour this morning and  need to do this every day, consistently improving  (As an aside: my games are Train of Thought, Memory Matrix and Mastermind, at the moment.  And brain training is helpful generally to keep yourself alert and your brain processing and functioning well as you age.)

Todays feature image is an oldie, taken many years ago doing the one thing I have always loved, reading.

Coming up:

  • I’m going to try some mirror therapy to stimulate my left arm recovery.  More on this once I start next week.
  • I am considering another new AFO to help correct my gait.  I’m walking pretty well but my left leg over-flexes and  my knee “snaps back”. I need to re-learn to walk with a slight bend in my left knee and correct some bad habits that have developed through the use of the first AFO.  This is a reminder to “own your recovery”  I could see and feel this happening and even discussed it with my physiotherapists in Calgary, but they and me chose to persist with the custom AFO that was made for me when I was in the hospital and just needed to walk until I decided to move on to a step smart AFO a few months ago.
  • On my weight loss goal I am down 6 lbs. so that leaves four to go.
  • I’m going to Calgary this weekend and planning to tackle a goal I had forgotten about until my friend Lori reminded me of the “shopping and lunch at Nordstrom with Lori” goal.  I’m ready to take that one on now so I can make room for others
  • Lighter , healthy eating thoughts and tips to try  for spring and summer.  Mine will start with fresh herbs from my garden.  I suggest mint and parsley which grow full and fast and are great with many food an beverage choices.  Think fresh mint tea and fresh parsley garnish on many dishes.
  • The sun is shining in my little corner of the world today and the snow is melting (again).  Soon it will be safe for me to take Roop for one or two of his daily walkies.

Today is Massage Wednesday so I’m off to see Karen today.   Later today I will hunker down for some studying – I’m nearing the halfway mark of my Introduction to Psychology course.

Stay Awesome!




2 thoughts on “I was wrong My dance card is not full – There is always room for another goal if you really want it!

  1. I am many more years in but I remember when I was where you are. I had to relearn everything including driving. Ive also mastered adaptive fitness for myself to address weight management. You are beautiful and strong..,but you already knew that!

    1. Heather Campbell-Pearce

      Thank you so much for your comment It is lovely to people are reading and enjoying what I write. Hope you have an awesome day!

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