I’ll take mine with a dash of instant gratification, thanks!

It’s been cold, overcast and a bit drizzly here in my little corner of the world. My optimism for spring’s imminent arrival has carried me only so far and I find myself discouraged and looking for some new sources of inspiration and optimism.

I used to be quite the DIY’er at my cottages in Ontario but had left that all behind me in the past along with my refinished antique stained glass windows which were stunning after many years of layered paint was removed (As an aside:  awful job, stripping oil paint is – nasty chemicals that smell and burn) from the frames and I refininished and stained them for my city garden in Toronto. I’m not sure where they are now but I suspect they live in my Mom’s basement at the moment along with other forgotten treasures of mine and my siblings.

So I took a look around our house over the weekend and have come up with some projects  to begin when Spring finally appears.  The first is refinishing a solid wood bench for my lower deck.  I think the bench will look great in a shiny red paint with a few colourful pillows.  I’ll take pictures as the project proceeds in the months to come.

The second project is a bit more ambitious and I may need help to pull it off.  My outdoor rattan love seats need a new coat of paint. Since they are on the upper glassed in deck I’ll need to tape plastic sheets to catch excess spray from the cans I’ll be using otherwise the love seats will need transporting downstairs to the yard where it will be easier to work on them.  Carrying them downststairs is a two person job and Dave and me are just one and a half of the required person-power. Or now that I think about it I will likely just use a brush and mini-roller to do the job. I will have more control over the finished product that way. as well as the ability to work in place.

I love refurbishing and refinishing items that are old and beautiful or just a little old and in need of a facelift  Maybe its the “instant gratification of a bright new paint job

For someone like me who has spent a lifetimeplaying the “long” game, stabilizing and improving IT in companies,a wee bit of instant gratification will be most welcome.

And then there is the garden which I have been discussing with our gardener.  I want to plant lots of herbs either in the rock garden or planters or perhaps both. Plants that grow fast and easy with little drama like mint, chives and parsley.

That’s it for the moment.  I’m sure more ideas will surface over time so I may commandeer the garage to use as my workshop. More on this later.

Stay Awesome

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