Awesome Mountain Pug: A Day in the Life

Roop wakes up in our bed if he didn’t get kicked out during the night for bad behaviour.  He sits at the end of the bed and stares at the closed master bathroom door that his male human is behind (we’ll just call him Alpha Male or Alpha to keep it simple) Alpha is having a shower and otherwise preparing for the day.  When the door slides open Roop bolts for the door and recieves a  “good boy” and a rub  on head from Alpha.  This  reinforces number two’s position in the hierarchy behind Alpha.

Meanwhile Number Three continues her half conscious snooze. She’s listening half-heartedly to the early morning pack  ritual when  Two sails through the air, landing on her,( for simplicity let’s call her Three) while Alpha pokes at both of them with his long, strong fingers.  Two and Three pause to look at each other, sigh heavily and with that they they know the day has now officially began because Alpha says it is so He is the leader of our pack.  – And it’s time to P L A Y !

Alpha exits the walk in closet fully dressed, his sleepwear on the floor behind him, while Two trots  happily after him. Three will later carefully cross this and other tripping hazards left by the males in the pack as she grabs a change of clothes and walks to the kitchen for coffee, semi-adroitly manoeuvring stray shoes, clothes and toys.

Alpha and Two go for their morning walkies.  Alpha loudly declares Two’s  outdoor activity as he returns – “he peed everywhere and pooped once“. This is good news since Two pooped outside we don’t expect to see any indoor “business” today, at least not in the morning.  Alpha feeds Two and goes to his office across the breezeway while Two plots his next move.  After pondering options, Two grabs Alpha’s shoe in his teeth and, huffing and puffing drags it into the bedroom for Three to admire (Today’s feature image).  This is her cue and she rises and lightly admonishes  Two. (He knows it’s ok since she laughs and smiles while stroking his sweet little pug head. Tomorrow he will bring her both a boot and a shoe because he loves her a lot. He owns her and they both know it.  Life is grand, they say and smile warmly at each other.

Roop’s full name is  Roop Sidial and he’s related to Alpha through Alpha’s beautiful sister Donna and her handsome husband Daryl (Mr & Mrs Sidial, that is). He is specifically named after Mr. Sidial’s awesome Father, Roop and is proud of this connection between their awesomeness.  And now he heads to his living room bed which is positioned to take advantage of the morning sun and begins his first snooze of he day, while he lazily watches Three from the corner of his eye as she grabs coffee and heads to her office to write her daily blog.  She’ll be  there two hours…..and through experience, he knows she will return around noon to make them lunch, which she shares with him everyday.  If she forgets. He reminds her by creeping up in front of her chair and peering hungrily up and giving her his sweetest smile which will remind her every time that it’s lunch for two that’s being served before she gets too greedy and eats it all without sharing.


After lunch he trots a few steps to his other bed which is positioned by Three’s favourite chair and begins his afternoon snooze.  Sometimes he wakes up and unseen by his humans  he imitates Dr Who’s weeping angels  as he drags a few shoes to his bed while they are not looking, makes himself comfortable and snoozes again while resting his awesome mountain pug head on the pile of shoes.  Life is good he thinks in between making happy pug noises.  ( As an aside:  what does a happy pug sound like?  Take a deep breath in and slowly release it while softly humming.  That’s right.)

Yesterday was grand indeed, Roop went on a Road Trip with Alpha and Three.  What fun!  Looking out the windows and scrambling over to Alpha’s chair every now and then to help him drive  Otherwise just snoozing on Three’s lap was pretty nice too.


Home now and it’s time for his evening walk with Alpha, In the meantime Three makes his dinner and replaces his water with fresh.   He loves his humans and thinks his life in the mountains is very fine indeed.

Surely there is a lesson or two here to aid our rehab:

  • Love your peeps, whoever they are
  • Get a good nights sleep – it’s fuel for the next day’s fun
  • Be ready to play at all times.  Fun opportunities can come unexpectedly.
  • Find a warm, comfortable spot  and Snooze when you’re tired
  • Encourage sharing
  • Reward kindness with lots of love and cuddles

In other news:

  • I have the day “off” today but pick up my routine tomorrow with Sarah at 1:00.  I’m also starting a new routine today called “Going to study” whereby I spend the bulk of my afternoons in my office reading  and completing coursework.  (That’s after lunch with Roop, of course)
  • It snowed again this weekend – about 1-2 inches now lightly covers the ice in our driveway that last week was melting, creating an enormous walking  and slipping hazard for everyone.
  • I made some good food this weekend (more on that later).











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