It is a beautiful day for another roadtrip!

Friday update. My al fresco walking experiment lasted until lunchtime. It is hard to move around a kitchen, making lunch while watching very carefully where and how you step.  So for safety, I retreated to my bedroom and put on one of my AFO’s for the afternoon.

On another note, just a quick comment about courtesy and rudeness.  I was included in a group distribution for an old friend who is battling cancer.  Lots of folks replied and sent her good wishes.  I must have added my comment to the last person who replied because someone named Brad told me to “get the fuck off his page”. Well so sorry Brad (but not really).  I  removed myself from the group and decided not to engage.  I also tried to join a local Facebook group and was denied access. Someone named Smingy thought I might be a spammer and denied my join request.  Feelings follow focus, right?  I switched up my focus to “what should I have for lunch today” and thoughts of rude Brad and discourteous Smingy receded  into warm and yummy thoughts of a chicken sausage and a plain omelette fried in a wee bit of butter (don’t be afraid of butter it’s a good fat just not too much and not in or on everything)  Another hour, with the help of wine Friday, it will just be an annoying bad memory.

(As an aside: a friend of mine used to say that there are only seven assholes in the world, trouble is they follow you everywhere you go!)

Lesson for me:  Don’t let those unwelcome little annoyances bother you, ruin your happy mood or even your day.  Don’t dwell on the rude and unkind in our world – there sure is enough of it – shove it aside and grab that new focus, let your happy feelings follow.    As Oprah would  and did say ” Don’t give negativity purpose”.

My awesome mountain pug has began peeing and pooping in the house this winter. Caught him red handed this morning- he looked me straight in the eye as he cocked a leg at the bottom of my bed, already in the pee stance but I yelled “Noooooooooo”  and he changed his mind, damn straight.    A quick google search suggests he may have a medical issue or is perhaps stressing on something. (As an aside:   What’s to stress about?  This little fella won the lottery when he was selected by my husband and me to join our wee family and he knows it as he strolls around the house lie the big man on campus, strutting from bed to sunspot to bed (Tomorrow’s blog is called “A day in the life of Roop”). My old friend Anna operates a rescue and trains dogs so perhaps she will offer us some advice on dealing with our sweet little puggie’s behaviour issue.

Today’s feature image is of my Mom and Dad a few years back taking our other (sadly now deceased), better behaved pugs, Ben and Lou for a walk out  in our backyard. Everything about this picture makes me happy, Mom and Dad before Dad’s illness, Ben and Lou, a beautiful, sunny day in the mountains.

We are going for a drive to Whitefish, Montana today, the border is just an hour away.  It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in my little corner of the world, and we are looking forward to the drive and the next instalment of our audiobook.

Staty Awesome!

And be kind to the assholes, they need it more than other people.


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