Weight Loss, Walking, Agility and Aging

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,. But I have promises to keep,. And miles to go before I sleep,. And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”


Last night I said no to ice cream and that’s not a euphemism.  My husband offered to drive down to DQ and grab us a wee treat but as you all know I’m trying to “own the gym” and tone up a bit for the summer, so I declined the offer…. Today is day 4 or 5  and this morning I weighed 151.4 which is down 3.4lbs since I started earlier this week. Nothing radical, just lots of water, no snacks, no chocolate or ice-cream.  Lots of home-made soup, protein and veggies.

Today’s feature picture was taken yesterday at the Gym and  I’m using a pulley system to work my arms up and down, in and out while lightly bouncing on a big yellow exercise ball.  A quick glance at my waist is explanation enough for my “own the gym” mantra.

I ask myself “am I hungry?” Before or even in the act of reaching for a snack and the answer is usually no, so I have 5-6 almonds, a slow burning carb that will satisfy and give you some energy.  Last night I had some microwave popcorn – Orville’s  just a cup or two. = low carb, no sugar,high in sodium though so watch that.  The bag says it’s 2.5 servings – but I think it could stretch into  4 or 5  if you’re careful with portion size.

Today is wine Friday and this I will not be giving up. I’m hoping for a sunny afternoon to sit outside and sip my once a week treat.  It doesn’t look promising at the moment – just more of the same overcast and cold that I’ve become accustomed to in my little corner of the world.

But wine is a far away treat and I have some things to do – “miles to go before I sleep” or in my case miles to go before I sip some wine.   Today I’m trying an experiment.  I’ve put on my inside running shoes with no AFO.   I’ll be inside all day today so today’s workout will be practising good walking techniques – a smooth gait – don’t let the foot drop, drag or rollover.  Thinking back to the days when I was doing laps around my livingroom in Calgary as I re-learned to walk with my AFO and walking pole – today I’m going al fresco with respect to walking aids.  I’ll report on my efforts tomorrow and if it works without incident, I’ll do this more often.  If you are considering something similar, think of the risk/reward.  Walking gains at the expense of injuries are not gains at all, they are major net losses.  And I am determined and conservative in my risks, not foolish.  I will definitely put on one of my AFO’s before partaking in Wine Friday.

I’ve noticed I’ve  been  slipping from my original blog purpose of focusing on the stroke  recovery and rehab but the everyday topics I’m discussing, are, in fact, part of the journey back to awesome.  All the little daily accomplishments sure do add up to a total improved point of view – mental and physical.

If you are thinking of finding a way to clear/quiet  your mind beyond learning to meditate – try writing  a journal.  The process of writing this blog every day has had a remarkable impact on me.  I think a lot and very clearly, and I dwell much less, I’m switching my feelings and embracing a whole new focus when those little regret monstors surface (which they do less frequently).

Soon, I am thinking to shift my blog’sfocus to the topic of aging and how to maintain your awesome though this unavoidable process.   I’ve been watching the awesome Mountain Senior community here in Fernie work their way past the aches and pains of aging, injury and even sadly, recovery from life-threatening illnesses and I’m beyond impressed at their agility and resilience.





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  1. 1sonya

    Heather, I so enjoy reading your blogs. You are a brilliant writer. I love the tips whether they be about soup or mental health or whatever. Look forward to the aging one, I do believe your next calling is to be a counsellor with a gazillionbest seller self help books!!!!

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