Embracing Agility in Managing Change

Yesterday was brilliant.  Half price waxing Wednesday went well and was quick and relatively painless.  Massage was awesome, as usual, afavourite part of the week.

Today I have two major and many minor tasks to do.  I workout with Marty at 11:00 and have a portfolio review with my investment advisor at 1:00. I’ve been investing since my early 20’s and continue to keep my eyes on performance and periodically adjust.  One of the advantages of working in financial services for most of my career is what you learn on the job that’s applicable to your personal life outside of work. And since IT is essentially the digitization of business processes, us IT folk tend to learn very deeply about the businesses we work in.  Helpful – well yes  — Useful – most certainly  ===  Applicable to effectively managing  our own financial circumstances – no doubt.

I am a long term, value investor.  I usually buy and hold but at least once a year  we review and sell some winners and/or losers (take your profit or loss and don’t look back) and make reinvestment decisions for the upcoming year.  I have stocks I bought years ago, that have performed well so I’ve held them.  Others are DRIPs (dividend reinvestment programs where I take my dividends in stock so over the years my stock holdings grow without putting too much thought into it

After that I have some tasks related to my Uni program to get myself setup with email and enable access to some additional online learning tools.  My course officially starts April 1st so I’d like to have everything sorted prior to that.  I will likely take the rest of the day to get these tasks completed.

(As an aside: See Wrench lobbed into this plan below all bets are now off and I am writing this post in the afternoon rather than earlier this morning)  It’s now 3:15 and almost time for tea.  The sun is shining and I think I will take that tea ouside to the deck and grab a little natural vitamin D while I publish this post.  Today’s feature image is caramel crunch dessert tea which I will shortly be sipping on the deck, Roops will no doubt grab a nearby sunspot to bask in.

Pause and watch the wrench thrown into the workings of today’s plan.  Marty is sick so Awesome & Amazing Mountain Trainer Sarah has called and has proposed a new plan.  Meet her at 10:00 at the gym for a quick workout, then she will take me to the drop in centre for chair yoga at 11:30.  Good plan and that’s what we do.  We are Agile and roll with whatever life throws at us.  Done with the morning festivities by 12:30 and home preparing fresh salmon and veggies for lunch with Roops.  This is a routine I may regret as Roopie has come to think of my lunch as our lunch and he loves fish – tilapia yesterday Atlantic salmon today – Hey Awesome Human! what’s up for tomorrow I imagine he’s thinking.

Back to now and life has thrown an outdoor patio and  some family & friends at Sarah along with a bottle or two of wine this afternoon , so agile Sarah is making the best of it (as one does) while grabbing some natural vitamin D as a chaser.


Stay Awesome!





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