Lets Focus on Preparing Nutritious and Tasty Meals for awhile

It’s a busy day today.  Massage with Karen at 1:00 and Spa 901 Half price waxing Wednesday at 12:00.  I’ve already spent the first four hours of my morning on miscellaneous tasks like getting ready, downloading files for my accountant, drinking and  re-stocking water into my pretty jug,  getting lunch set-up for later this afternoon (which will be tilapia and the some of yesterday’s shellfish broth, served today with some broccoli, cauliflower, rice and beans – all in a large cup for easy one-handed transport).

Roop and I lunch together every day – well he stares me down from his spot at the foot of my chair, hoping for a morsel of fish or chicken (he is very goal focused).  But it will be hours from now before I’m done writing and back from this morning’s errands so I’ll have a protein shake before I leave the house in an hour or so.

Yesterday’s shellfish broth was amazing and brought back memories of our New Years Clambake Supper with Stu and Janel. For lunch yesterday, , I had the shellfish broth with a pan-fried salmon filet (remember to purchase fresh and shrink-wrap individual portion).  Really good.


Here’s what I did with the rest of the broth.  I steamed some organic brown rice, and opened and rinsed a can of black beans.  Layered the rice and beans in the bottom of these old Ice-cream containers,filled the rest of the way with broth and now ready to freeze.  When hungry, take out, defrost, add some fish and or vegetables and re-heat. Below are pictures of my work in process – sorry (not really) they are out of order.

You could also make a fantastic chowder with the addition of some potatoes and fresh tomato sauce plus carrots, onions, celery.  Mmmmm, that sounds great, perhaps next week.

You could also also add some coconut milk and make a masala for a change and have yourself a lovely fish curry.  If you like the gravy thicker, grind some cashew nuts and add to your curry as a rhickener.  Add some toasted coconut on top and its better than dessert!  Delicious!

Here’s the one of the jugs that I use for my ice water.  I purchased it in Portugal many years ago, and I love the cobalt blue colour.  I used to have matching dishes but my friend Annie has those now – we will both purchase more in the Fall, I’m sure.


This toucan can opener is great and can be easily used with one hand.  I also have a great “prep-centre” that I use for chopping, peeling and shredding that I’ll show you next time I pull it out.  Very handy and safe for one-handed completion of tasks that other people need two hands for doing.


Afternoon tea is one of these teas:


(As an aside: this large tin of organic matcha is from Costco – only about $20CAD…. they just started carrying it recently). The caramel crunch dessert tea is a lovely afternoon snack on its own or with a splash of cream which is how I had it yesterday afternoon.

So why am I so food focused at the moment?  Spring is coming. then summer and then our trip to Portugal in September (there are 7 of a possible 9 friends confirmed for this trip.  While I’m pretty active I am nowhere near as active as I was before the stroke so I’m keeping an eye on the weight situation, with a view to losing a bit.

I weighed in yesterday at 144.8lbs  which is actually pretty good as I pause and think about it. I’m 5’2″ tall and this is very close to my pre-stroke weight so giving up chocolate and ice-cream in order to own the gym is just gravy, I think. I should be good for a pound or two or three over the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

P.S.  Wait a minute — that weight IS too good to be true, I just double-checked and I’m off by 10lbs which feels  exactly right.  Revised starting weight is 154.8lbs so 144.8 is now a worthy target to work towards.  Ouch! But really no surprise,  just another item to add to my goals list.

OK it’s nearly 11:00 and I must go find and hug a pug immediately, he’s probably up to no good somewhere.  Likely over-achieving on today’s boot and shoe goals. (smiles)  It is the funniest thing to find him snoozing happily with my boots and several shoes in his bed.  I will grab an “action” shot next time.  For now here he is in all his super-cuteness.



Stay Awesome!



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