You can own the gym but you have to give up chocolate first!

Monday workout with Sarah and  I’m told I can “own the gym” and get some tone in my body from our workouts and it will only require that I work hard AND give up chocolate.  I never used to be a fan of sweets at all but over this long cold winter I’ve embraced a couple of bad sugar- related habits involving chocolate and ice cream.  And wouldn’t you know it, the care package of British Cadbuy’s Caramel chocolates I asked my cousin to post for Dave’s Christmas stocking finally arrived on the weekend – today’s feature picture.  Just in the nick of time, I say,  as the previous stash brought overseas by cousin Darren last month is now gone.

Yes you do need a treat or two in your life but it doesn’t have to be food related, you know that bad habit is a very slippery slope – especially if you are not moving around as much as you used to.  (As an aside:  I think I will get another Fitbit –my original is long lost at this point–and I do like tracking steps and other activity to keep myself honest.)  As I am learning in my introductory  psychology  course we humans are not good, honest recounters of our experiences and tend to ascribe to ourselves/remember  better behaviour, feats and accomplishments  than we actually achieved.  the Fitbit will keep me honest.

And I also know from experience that small dietary tweaks are usually all I need to make a difference.   So wavin’ goodbye to my new friends Cadbury caramel and DQ Skor blizzard and sayin’ a great big Hello again to my old friend water.  Water is the key to weight loss – lots of it — like a litre a day or more should so the trick.  Green tea counts as water, FYI.  Squeeze a bit of lemon into your water every morning as a great way to start the day.  That’s how I’m  starting today,  to be quickly followed by a cup of strong coffee with a smaller splash of cream than usual  when I’m done writing this post.  So I better get going.  (As another aside:  Sometimes I make a thermos of green tea and bring it with me as I move about over the course of the day and I keep a pretty ceramic jug full of water in my fridge – replenished daily – in total it works out to over a litre)

I’m also making a seafood broth this morning, using the final frozen leftover shellfish from New Years supper – I added a couple of teaspoons of Old Bay and some rock salt – and leave it to simmer a few hours until I’m ready for lunch later today.  More on this tomorrow – I will be focused on good eats for the next few weeks – and that means I’ll be doing a wee bit more cooking than I have been this last year.

Stay Awesome!


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