Own it!

I’m working out with someone new for a couple of days this week. It’s Spring Break and Sarah has lots of fun planned with her little ones so her colleague Marty worked with me on Tuesday and Thursday this week (I’m on my own today).  It’s good to get another perspective and Sarah has prepared him well. 15 minutes on the bike goes very quickly with 90 seconds pedeling at 55-65rpm  and then switching to 30  second sprints at 75-80rpms.  This helps me to keep the focus right where it belongs, and that is on pedeling, not talking.

Next some leg presses – it helps to focus yourself on pushing that little bit more than is comfortable or easily accomplished – grab a few more repetitions than you really want to do.  Puts your head in a different space. Not just accomplishment-oriented but something extra –  it feels superior to push yourself just a bit harder than you really want or need to. And the next set is just that much easier.  Then its over to two more machines to work my arms and shoulders.

On Tuesday, its straight back home for a light lunch.  I am still in soup construction mode these days….I start with a basic broth add fresh salmon or  whatever you like – perhaps a dash of fish sauce, maybe some sesame oil and tons of veggies. Roop usually joins me for lunch – he is partial to Atlantic salmon and carrots –  just a nibble or two before he settles in for his afternoon snooze.  I switch Spotify to a low key instrumental playlist and crack my textbook open for a couple of hours of reading after lunch.

On Thursday its over to Spa 901 for a mani-pedi after my workout with Marty and I am happy to report that my left hand and leg don’t twitch anymore during these treatments – the risk of kicking the esthetician is now greatly reduced.  Good news for her! and me – I can relax and enjoy.  Colour this time is called  “flashing red”.

Today’s feature image is the front cover of a magazine I’ve been staring at for weeks now as I do the cardio portion of my workout in Sarah’s office 4x a week.  It occurred to me yesterday that I would like to  “OWN THE GYM ” and practice the “routine that will get me back into “KILLER SHAPE”.  Sure I can’t do everything perfectly,  but I can modify most exercises to achieve results.  Perhaps the rehab focus of my workouts can shift now to focus on toning.  Summer is approaching and I am travelling to the Algarve in September.  Lots of time  if  I focus and execute hard on that killer plan, whatever it turns out to be.   I will discuss with Sarah next week when she is back and begin a trial run — more on this later as plans unfold (seen at the gym earlier this week “A goal without a plan is just a wish”)

Have a great weekend!

Work hard and Stay Awesome!

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