Open a Window of Opportunity Sometime Soon….

It’s snowing big, fat flakes in my corner of the world this morning, but mostly the snow is melting and Spring is in the air.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

I said this to an old friend of mine on Facebook yesterday and it got me thinking.  I spent my 20’s  living like the fun-loving, carefree teenager I didn’t get to be when I was actually in my teens.  By age 27 I was ferocious, footloose and fancy-free, tearing up the town, travelling, and living exactly as I wanted and having a great time of it.  I was lucky to be able to do this.

Luck, good fortune, chance, karma, magic, whatever,  I’ve had lots of it in my life. My friend  didn’t have much good fortune over those same years but is making up for it now tearing through life at her country property, living her teens in her ’50’s and by all accounts having the time of her life, with the man she loves, her house a second chance haven for abused animals.  She is doing good, important, meaningful work that she loves, surrounded by family, friends  and the eternal gratitude of her animals, saved from often unspeakable cruelty at the hands of their former owners.

Where’s the lesson in this?  Enjoy yourself. Now, today, tomorrow, next week.  If you missed your first Window of Opportunity (WOO), open a new one soon.   Do whatever you choose to do just make sure it’s your choice. Find the things that fulfill and make you happy. As another friend recently commented “feelings follow focus”.  Unhappy? or missing a wee bit of joy in your life?  Change your mind’s focus.  Your feelings will follow.

This can be as simple as re-igniting your love of reading with a new book.  Go visit your local library and check out some good times with your library card  – fyi, they also carry audio-books in their lending libraries these days. And maybe you’ll make a new friend while you’re there.  Or find a local book club to join.

Here’s some more ideas:

  • Volunteer for something, anything.
  • Get a puppy (try for a good one not a naughty boy like my wee pug, Roop).
  • Go visit a friend you haven’t seen in years and need to catch up with.
  • Go back to school (there are great online Universities worldwide – and its never too late to pursue a dream
  • Take a special interest course at your local High School or Community College (that’s how my friend Nancy met our friend Mea (and together since the early 1980’s we are the three monkey’s who love each other and like to travel, laugh and have fun together.  Distance doesn’t get in our way)
  • Take a hobby and turn it into an online business.
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood.  Take your puppy – it’s a great conversation starter.
  • Visit your local Community Centre
  • See what the old folks are up to.  They are often at the local Senior Centre doing fun things like chair yoga, playing cards cooking meals or just flirting with each other.

This morning I re-read a personal statement I wrote to include for my Uni application  last Fall

As I sit in the dining room of my house in Fernie, BC, typing this statement with one hand I reflect on the time, not all that long ago, when my hands few across the keyboard in excess of 100wpm. When my hands could keep up with my thoughts. Almost exactly one year ago I was here with some friends canning tomatoes and pickling beets.  After a day full of fun and laughter and wine yet plagued by an all day headache I went to bed and woke up on the floor to the sound of a barking pug and someone telling me I’d had a stroke while touching my legs, arms, hands and feet.  For the first time and not the last time that week, indeed that month and into the next, I wished I had taken the time to shave my legs before going to bed.

That began the journey to today where I find myself today staring out at those mountains which will look and be exactly the same three years from today.  I sincerely hope I will not.  Three years is a long time and I don’t want to look back from 2020 at 2017 and wish I had taken the steps I am now starting to take.

–HCP—–October 10,2017


It’s is never too late.  five, ten years will fly by without you even feeling it.  10 years ago I was living in London, 2 years later I found myself in Calgary by way of Toronto.  10 years from now (hopefully less) I hope to have completed the 4 year Psychology degree I’ve just started  plus perhaps a Masters in Counselling.  I’d like to stay in this little town self employed as a Counselling Therapist…..who knows where that journey will take me?

Make some plans  Create a WOO. Open it and climb through  and I’ll meet you on the other side.

Stay Awesome!


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