Baby Steps back to Awesome

I’m struggling for a topic today so I’m just going to start typing and see what emerges.  I used to be a very fast typist – my hands  flying across the keyboard and back, faster than I could think.  My one-handed search and peck is just fine for keeping up with my thoughts today.

Last night we ordered sushi from a new local restaurant that delivers – they forgot to include much wasabi and soy sauce.  Lunch-bag letdown.

I worked out with Sarah’s colleague, Marty yesterday, as Sarah is off on Spring Break doing “Awesome Mountain Mom” activities with her kids .  Her husband has ploughed  a snow mountain in their front yard where on a sunny day all can be found  mountain-climbing and sledding in their bathing suits.  ahhhh Mountain life.

I woke up very sore this morning and wanting a sleep-in.  No extra rest for this wicked girl today – well, that’s not strictly true as it’s Massage Wednesday with Karen.  Wednesday’s are great – my “Day Off” so to speak – do what I want Wednesdays.  Today I’m going to tidy my office, listen to some music, maybe do some more reading for my current Uni course and do some misc. tasks so I can start with a clean slate tomorrow with all my to-do’s – done.

Looking outside my office window an everything is starting to melt.  I have set my “newish  winter boots aside (the yummy one’s that Roop likes to drag to his bed and suck on) and have ressurected an old pair of Asic’s as my new outdoor footwear for this incoming Spring weather.

Today I am most thankful for the Sure-Step AFO that I’ve been using for a couple of months now.  It allows me to wear “normal shoes” that fit properly like size 6.5 on both feet rather than size 8 boots that the old AFO can fit into, or  a big and wide left shoe with a normal size right.  Being of Scottish heritage and all I have not been at all keen to purchase two sets of shoes in different sizes just to get a proper fit on both feet.

Today’s feature image is me wearing a fantastic pair of tan suede boots that I will wear again this Spring thanks to this new AFO.  I’m hoping to just step in and pull them up and over my knees — you sexy thing!

It really is the little things that can make such a big difference to quality of life in recovery and rehab.

Take some baby steps today and feel awesome!

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