Now that I’ve lost everything to you
You say you want to start something new
And it’s breaking my heart you’re leaving
Baby, I’m grieving
But if you want to leave, take good care
Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there
—-Cat Stevens, Wild World

Who doesn’t love music – some music – any music.  The way it makes you feel, the memories it evokes.  I have very eclectic tastes, developed, I’m sure through the music of my family and friends that I have come to love, often as much as they so, sometimes not.

If you haven’t already met, I’d like to introduce you to Spotify.  I know you will like each other.  I  have been using this streaming service for just a few weeks  and I love it and I know I’m late to this party.  It’s perfect for squirrels.

Feel like chasing Cat Stevens down memory lane like I did yesterday, I searched Tea for the Tillerman and listened to the whole album – brought me straight back into the car of my first serious boyfriend as we drove to Ottawa one weekend to visit a friend at Uni.  It brings back the weather (sunny and mild – the kind of spring day when everything is warm, bright and smells like fresh air and sunshine) his car – a silver Berlinetta Camaro with the windows down, our anticipation and excitement, barely held in check.  (As an aside:  I got my first and second speeding tickets driving that car and it is indeed a wild world out there, as I’ve since discovered.)

Back to music what a great way to switch up your mood and also those around you.  When I announced to the room that “Today is all about Abba”, I got a groan or two but this Dancing Queen chased all our blues straight out the door that day.

Fancy some Max Webster, Genesis or Dire Straights?  Create some playlists with all your favs.  I was born too late to officially be the hippie I know I am at heart – I can think of few things nicer than an afternoon spent with Carly Simon. and her ex James Taylor, Carole King, Judy Collins, Crosby, Stills,  Nash and Neil Young.Maybe Linda Rhonstadt can drop by.

TRy Spotify free or go for Premium as I did – you will find 90% of what you’re looking for.  If you have elderly parents, an aunty or uncle who love music, this is a brilliant gift.  I’m thinking that an ipad mini with a Spotify subscription would be a great gift for my Mom who is home alone a lot more these days (this is the John Denver, Glen Campbell, Simon and Garfunkel-loving mother of my childhood.  (As an aside: I checked some more obscure artists/titles like Shirley Bassey and Runrig.  I’m listening to Loch Lomand live right now so they should be able to find many of their fav golden oldies.)Give it some thought.  A random act of kindness can open a whole new world to someone you love (Or someone who loves you – just ask and see what happens.)

Have an awesome day!



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