Failing the Bail on Fresh Friday – and it feels so good

I didn’t feel like working out on Friday and had managed to somewhat gracefully bail when  I got busted and my husband reminded me that today was not my day off — that’s Wednesday. So I did an 11:00  workout,  early for me and Sarah decided to shake me out of my funk by changing things up. Starting with rowing rather than peddling. Weights with some shoulder work, and balancing with that big ball behind me – for squats , in front of me –for push=ups and under me – sitting and lightly bouncing for balance.   Felt amazing.   So glad I failed my bail. So lets switch it up a bit on Fresh Friday, if you will.  Shake it up, change it out.  Do something different.  Maybe it will feel good or shake you out of that useless funk you woke up with.  I remembered that it’s also Wine Friday, that special day when I have one, sometimes two glasses of a good wine.

Today’s feature picture is my Mom and Dad at the back of our house with our two old pugs Ben and Lou (sadly deceased and now living on my fireplace mantel – the pugs not parents).  This picture makes me so happy.

I got my annual physical blood tests done today and got a re-do of some  I had done a few weeks ago that had been mis-handled so had to be re drawn (As an aside: Have you ever wondered what the vial colours mean that your blood is drawn into and maybe even wondered what you are being tested for? On the former I did so I asked.   Vial colours indicate handling procedures and other considerations for different test types.   I usually know what the tests are especially for the routine annual physical.  There were three others that were new (the ones I had to re-do) and I googled the tests to find out what I was being tested for.
In the heat of the moment. Sometimes you just go with the flow and maybe forget to check your awareness or understanding .  Try to remember to always be inquisitive and ask why? You must be your own conscience and advocate in all health care situations. Especially When  you don’t know why –you need to find out — stat!  I’ll blog more on test results later if there is something interesting, educational or humourous in the results.

Fresh Friday was a great day and today is St Patrick’s Day so I hope you are wearing green otherwise you will risk getting pinched (google it).  That said I need to go find something green  Perhaps a hat or scarf – it is still cold here in my little corner of the world.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Watch your green beer intake!  You might not be quite as funny as you think you are!

Stay Awesome!

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