What’s in your life plan? Where’s your awesome at?

Today’s feature image is me in Fiji almost 14 years ago just before I got married.  I think, until recently, I’ve  been living under the impression that one day this will all be over, I will have some or all of my old life back, awesome will reign supreme all around me and poof this life I’ve been living will fade into the land of memory. Mission accomplished.  Well Done!

But wait a minute, I am awesome, it never went away! I’m still the me I’ve always been just better and more self-aware.  My husband looked at me this morning and said  as he often does “who’s beautiful?  It’s rhetorical I know, but I still look around, point to myself, smile and say “Me?” while he nods back at me.   (corny – maybe, but it’s sincere and real and makes us happy) Sometimes he just says “Are you beautiful?” and this is harder to answer because some days the answer is yes, and sometimes it’s simply no.

Yes, this will fade into a good memory.  Recovering from the stroke — It’s challenging but not really hard.  I have a routine, which helps, and involves a healthy, active lifestyle and I have a lot of support from friends and family and the great team of professionals I work with in Fernie and Calgary.  I have a plan and I just stick to it every day and in return my physical and mental health improves.   When something feels “off” I just “problem-solve” and try to figure it out (As an aside: this is a simple concept my Occupational Therapist at Foothills Hospital introduced me to. and it works. No one knows you better than yourself.  Think it through. Don’y leap into the abyss too quickly  – get some facts and work through your issue/problems logically.)

I’m not sure what changed my thinking, the “ah-ha moment” if you will or maybe it’s been a slow conclusion I’ve reached by talking to you all everyday through this blog. Yes, I think that’s it. Writing every day has focused my thinking forward not back.  The life I’m living and planning will not be the old one I left behind but rather a shiny new one I’m looking forward to – one that will take years in planning and execution – but I’m OK with that – I’m still ambitious yet more patient than I used to be and I have lots of time.  This is where I leave behind the regrets and might-have-beens in favour of the optimistic what-can-be’s, the work-to-achieves versus the instant gratifications that I really like.  It’s not often that a person gets a chance to do-over and pursue something completely different which is what I’m doing.  Not saying I’m lucky or anything like that……..But actually I am lucky and I know it.

Other plans for today include a  massage with Karen at 1:00 and ice cream tonight (small pleasures and screw you wheelchair sales-guy).

It’s sunny today here in Fernie – it has been for a few days and the snow is melting.  I’m going to try to grab some Vitamen D the old fashioned way, as recommended by Dr. Erik my Chiropracter yesterday.  I Hope the sun is shining on you in your little corner of the world today.  Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what I intended to today – My exercise plan  Yesterday we took “action shots” during my workout.  Stay tuned.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. Don

    Your outlook on life and your determination makes me work that little bit harder. You ARE beautiful and you ARE awesome!

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