Random Acts of Kindness, Totem Poles and Cake

Random acts of kindness.  You’ve heard the concept and I think I have actually done one or many of these in the past but Friday afternoon was an exceptional experience for me. My friend Sarah dropped by with her two kids  (aka “the cake-makers”) to kick off my birthday Do-over/re-boot.   Sad for me that March 3 slid by without much of anything at all (this is not a hint). So Sarah decided to fix this in the best way possible —and  that would be with cake. What are the chances that she would make the only kind of cake that I would have a chance of loving????  Angel food with home made whipped cream icing , sliced strawberries and assorted berries. Super delicious and not too sweet.   I had another big slice for breakfast on Saturday morning. And birthday gifts had arrived by post from my Mom and my wee Scottish Auntie Irene. All in all a successful do-over was underway.

Today’s feature image is of the Cake-makers hard at work making, decorating and quality testing cake.  Makes me happy inside just looking at them having fun.


Here is a  picture is the best birthday card ever (up there with the  last birthday card contest winner Megan who submitted “Luke you are my puppy” which featured a Ben-like fawn pug). This is Sarah’s representation of the totem pole  that could be. At some point I would like a custom totem pole for our house.   This artistic representation by has a pug at the top ( As an aside: she had no idea of the big place I have in my heart for fawn-coloured Ben-like pugs). Followed by a big open heart that we have for friends and family. Next is an Eagle, her family spirit-animal and everyone should have one, then a  sparkly white-winged shoe surrounded by feathers. ( Sarah had a dream I was floating around effortlessly in my glittery white-winged angel shoes), then a great big sun shining light, warmth and Vitamin D, perched on my book of Awesome, all rolling around on what looks like a Volkswagon bus (or it could be The Queen’s handbag) with a destination for Portugal).

I suspect we all keep a box somewhere filled with a few of our favouite cards or tokens received from special people over time which hold special meaning, bring good luck, or just evoke  an immediate memory, emotion,  smile or  laugh.  Mine is big and full of great, fun, important memories.   Go find yours, take it out and remember those people and situations for awhile today.  And maybe turn that warm feeling you’ll get into a random act of kindness.

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