When was your last annual physical? Mine was Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday we drove  three hours to and from Calgary  for a routine Doctor’s appointment. So let’s talk about that. Since I was in my teens I have routinely had an annual physical with my family doctor and I have always found this helpful from a proactive and preventative perspective.

Let’s not share too much information but just say it’s useful to know your body’s current status so you can work towards correcting anything that may be awry or just get early notice if something is heading in the wrong direction. It’s how I found out about my hereditary  hemachromitosis about ten years ago and advised  my siblings to get tested, which was helpful to one of the three who also inherited the gene.

So if you delay or just plain avoid yourannual heath check,  please get back on track with this important personal maintenance activity. It was a good drive and we listened to an audiobook for  the 6 hours and the time passed quickly and pleasantly.  I can get the blood test component done at my local hospital in a week or so.  Time well spent I think. And my doctor is pleased with my progress “Just keep on doing what you are doing” he says  “Thank you very much, I will” I say to him.

I’ started my first course on Friday  so I will have to get even better at time management to make sure I fit in all of my personal rehab activity (that is keep doing what I am doing) while hitting my aggressive degree completion target (which is just step one in my long term education target).  I have plans and I’m not done until I say I’m done.  One door closes another one opens.

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