What are your Goals?

I was asked this yesterday and I’m afraid it really threw me off balance.  To be perfectly honest I was already off balance and I must admit I was a bi stumped?  Goals?  Don’t I have enough of these already?  I don’t really have time for any new ones. Having said that I have just added driving to my list within the past two weeks.  Which is not quite as simple as it was the first time around when I was 18 (or so I’m told)

Physical Goals

  • Strengthen left side of body through exercise sessions 4×1 hour sessions weekly
  • Walk the 1km around my house in the Spring (down the hill on one side and up the hill on the other
  • Chair Yoga 1 hour weekly with goal to attend regular classes at the studio in the Spring
  • Begin home workout on my treadmill  — goal is to be able to do some light jogging within a few months
  • Massage and Chiro 1x weekly each

Mental  and Learning Goals

  • Pursue undergraduate degree and complete it in 3 years or less
  • Continue my daily blog
  • Begin study and training for Drivers test this summer.

Happiness Goals

  • Continue personal maintenance 3-4x monthly
  • Plan trip to Algarve, Portugal in September
  • Plan driving trips through Montana and North Western US with my husband this summer

This is not an invitation to a pity party but I have quite enough goals to fill my days at the moment – I am interested in landing some more successes first before I set any new targets.


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