Where Have I been all Week? What’s Next?

Well I had a visitor last week  Although he was very low maintenance.  It was also a very low key week for me.  Just the usual routine with a few outings added in, mostly meals out in town or on the hill.

 What’s Next?

I’ve been thinking about  completing another degree (I have an MBA  already) and have been exploring options for a few months now .  I toyed with the idea of a law degree which is of great interest  but after exploring the options available to me here in Western Canada, a law degree presents two obstacles.  The first is residency.  There is no law school within a close commute and having settled ourselves here we have no desire to move again.  The second is writing the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test – which is a particularly cruel test that the majority of good law schools use to weigh applicants for admission.  I did a practice test this past summer and did OK which is not nearly good enough – I would have to study for 4-8 months for hours every day to master the test questions sufficiently to attain an above average score.  Do-able but I would rather put 8 months of my life towards achieving something better than acing a test.

So this forced me to down the path of thinking about what I am interested in studying.  Most of my thoughts led me to Health Sciences.  Diet, Nutrition, Health Administration – I settled on Psychology and this morning registered for an online undergraduate degree at Athabasca University in Alberta.  I enrolled in my first course and start April 1st.  I’ll keep you posted  on progress.  I have lots of time, a great place to study and I am good at learning new things and managing routine.

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