The Word of the Day is Shadenfreude

Little flakes drifting by my window this morning.  Coffee is awesome and I’m feeling so much happier.  I’m going to Chair yoga this morning.    My Second Cousin Darren is going to drive me over soon, although when he sees the accumulated snow from last night, he will surely wish he had parked  the Jeep in the garage after last night’s visit to the  Dairy Queen.

Today’s feature picture is from when I was learning to draw in 30 days and keeping a journal of sorts.  The picture is my hand and arm with TENS electrical stimulation attached (but I’m sure this is clearly obvious since I was on Day 3 of learning to draw).  I used to do this every day to coax movement from my left hand with mixed results.  I think it works but requires focus, dedication and supplemental exercises for best results.  I was often a bit over-whelmed by the sheer number of things I needed to pay attention to on a daily basis to get all my parts on the road to improvement and eventually “normal”, whatever that turn out to be.  This is what got me on the path to self-directed rehab.  So I decided to focus on walking first and then shift my attention to my left arm and hand, which is where I’m at now. On the next page of the Journal (the B side so to speak) after my hand and its dialogue with itself, I have a page with “Random Thoughts” in pencil where I’ve written things like:

  • Shut the fuck up (presumably me speaking to my hand or myself)
  • When will Rehab be over (As an aside:  a wee bit looking back, I know the answer is Never but it’s taken me this long to figure that out)
  • The word of the day is Shadenfreude – (phonetically that’s shaw-den-froy-dah) and I’ve further noted that it feels like it should be word of the year — there is so much of it
  • Random quote from something I was reading last August – “It may seem quiet now but in the past we have suffered from bad decisions made by people on vacation”

No worries, I don’t have many more of these photos as I gave up learning to draw long before the 30 days had expired.  I just realized that technically I could learn perspective and draw some basic objects, I just don’t have the talent or passion for learning to draw – I’d rather be reading or writing.

Have a great day – I’m off to Chair Yoga now and then over to the Gym to meet up with Sarah for today’s workout.

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