Weekend in Fernie

It’s snowing again today in Fernie and the forecast shows snow all week long. We’ve had 27 feet so far this year and no end in sight. That’s what the shredders like about Fernie Fresh powder. The feature picture today is the view out my office window which faces Mount Fernie – totally obscured at the moment by the blanket of thick snowflakes drifting past.

That’s my friend’s Lexus in the drive, looks like a foot of accumulation since he arrived late last night – quite the journey that brought the two occupants of that car to our little town.

One started in Edinburgh, travelled to Frankfurt then on to Toronto where he was delayed by weather conditions in Calgary – He made it in to YYC and caught a cab to Janel & Su’s house –well that’s Darren sorted for the moment. Then there is Stu, the driver of the Lexus – He started in San Diego with a cancelled flight to Vancouver and managed to get himself on another flight arriving Calgary late last night – The two indefatiguable travellers met at J&S’, and reintroduced themselves -it’s been six years but neither has changed all that much – although Stu is happily married and a new Daddy and Darren is a recent Law graduate from Edinburgh University. The two hit the road and made it into Fernie last night One is wide awake and the other still sleeps.One is heading back today the other staying on until early March…….

And then there is me. I’m thinking about a new hat – Baby it’s cold outside and I’m thinking about hats – like this one:

These are great for ski or apres ski and also fantastic for wearing in the hot tub We keep a drawer full of sweet hats here for hot tubbers. I expect to make my return back to the hot tub in the coming weeks (I no longer take blood thinners so it’s now safe for me – just figuring out the logistics of entry and exit while wearing an AFO brace. (smiles -It wwould have been easier to just have a stroke without all the ancillary complications – like subluxated shoulder, hemiparesis, drop foot/rollover)- If it were easy, anyone could handle it, right?

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