Staying a Step or Two Ahead of Yourself All The Time Requires both Skill and discipline – I have one of these

Staying a step or two ahead  is a skill I have mastered but – discipline still eludes me.  There are way too many interesting rabbit holes lurking around every corner to drop into, have a wee peek around and perhaps stay awhile, put my feet up and make myself comfortable for the show.

It’s a good life skill the ability to think a step or two ahead of your current point. It’s become even more essential as I work at recovery.  If you don’t master this, people frown on you and remind you in hushed whispery tones  that a stoke is a brain injury – perhaps you are confused?  I don’t personally frown on people and I don’t want to be frowned upon.  I’m definitely not confused.  For the record on my worst day I’m still way ahead of most people.

It’s great to problem solve your way out out of bed and into the shower only to gaze longingly at the shampoo and conditioner on the bathroom vanity counter.  It kind of takes the pleasure out of your initial accomplishment when you have to drop back, re-trace your steps execute on a few forgotten items and then do it all over again, while naked and limping. (unwelcome visual oops, sorry, well not really, just so we’re clear – you know what I mean)

It really sucks if you have to do this more than once. That’s where thinking ahead comes in really handy and it happens to people all the time – not just you and me.

I have a partial solution. I carry this sweet shoulder bag with me. Just sling it over my head and around my back. I barely know it’s there but it’s handy and useful. Are you wandering past the supply cupboard and remember you are low on TP in the master?Grab a couple of rolls, throw them in your handy bag and move on. Drop them off next time you are close to your bathroom.  If you have a bad dog like my pug Roop, keep some poo bags in there – very handy for picking up the odd poo or two (or horror five that can sometimes be found in the stairwell in the morning after an especially cold evening’s walk.  Seriously handy if you’ve already walked down the stairs to happen upon this unexpected gift while you were chasing an entirely different, and much more appealing squirrel. Good to have thought ahead and be prepared.  Deep breath,   shit happens. Pickup with handy poo bag, exhale .  Move on.

This works nicely most of the time but it’s especially useful for gadgets like my iphone and his friend  Peach ipod Mini.

(Wait:- doing it now – where is my iphone? Peach Mini is in the car  glove compartment where I left it last night  when I thought I was done for the day and not thinking ahead to tomorrow- next steps discipline and all that — when I would surely want it to play some crosswords and a few other brain games on Sunday morning after I’m done writing this post for you, of course.

I play games regularly on Peach Mini to keep my mind sharp and un-confused.

OK,  got it – that little detour cost just a couple of minutes , which is really good because sometimes along the way an undisciplined  “thought squirrel” will bounce into focus, taking me on a journey far, far away from where I started).

3 thoughts on “Staying a Step or Two Ahead of Yourself All The Time Requires both Skill and discipline – I have one of these

  1. Love this post…..perhaps because I relate to squirreling 100%… it all this time, aided and abetted by the ability to “Google” stuff at any time. But in defence of squireling it provides so many opportunities to learn things one never intended to learn, or in fact knew they needed to know if you know what I mean……red pencil needed to fix that statement! I don’t have a handy bag like yours, but I do have lists, reminders, notes, post-its….all of which help me to make sure I have enough of whatever I/we need until we want/plan to go to the store again. Hugs and happy thinking ahead.

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