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We went on a couple of long drives this weekend; on Saturday to Calgary which is 3 hours north east of our house here in Fernie.  On Sunday we drove to Cranbrook which is almost exactly one hour west of here.  While in Cranbrook, we popped into the Superstore to do a bit of shopping.  $313.00 later and after we self-bagged our groceries (As an aside:  I felt like I was living in the UK again bagging my own groceries), and hour later we arrived home to put it all away.  Shopping at the Superstore or Costco presents an opportunity to buy a few things in bulk like the salmon in the feature picture that I had sliced into 8 portions and vacuum sealed using my Food Saver

You may be able  to find this unit cheaper elsewhere but I love ordering from Amazon.  It’s quick and reliable.

I will have a portion of this salmon for lunch later this week  with some vegetables all sauteed in a bit of butter or olive oil with just salt and pepper  garnished with a lemon slice. And perhaps make a chowder next week with another portion or two.

Other buying tips:

  • Okra seems to look really good and fresh at the moment.  So I picked some up to make a gumbo with the remaining sausage and bell peppers from my stir-fry last week. Buy what’s fresh and what you like – it can always be added to a soup or stew generally with great results.
  • Mushrooms – thickly sliced are a favourite and I cook them early in the week in a large batch so they are available to add to soup, stews , sandwiches and omelettes all week long.
  • It’s getting close to spring and we are getting a few more sunny days so I picked up an herb garden  starter kit and seeds to give my herb garden a kick-start. (this is a project for later this week – probably Wednesday when Carla comes over) – at the moment there is still lots of cooking on the horizon for me today and maybe tomorrow.


I used to love cooking.  And I have a massive cookbook collection.  Some were mine, purchased in travels and used when back at home for dinner parties to share the joys of far-away places with friends and family.  Most of the others were purchased along with this house, from its former owner –  a retired executive chef.  This means I  currently have 500+ titles in my collection, housed in the cold cellar downstairs.

But for today, I need to slow roast a portion of pork loin I bought yesterday at the Superstore and also make some chili from the ground beef, pork and lamb I defrosted this past weekend. I just retrieved some tomato sauce from the cold cellar downstairs (walked two flights down – no Roop poop surprises today (although I was prepared with my sweet bag) and climbed back up to prepare the pork loin with salt, pepper, paprika , garam masala, and a sprinkling of olive oil.  I’ll pour a half pint of our home-made tomato sauce on top and slow roast for at 250 degrees 3-4 hours this afternoon while I am at my workout wth Sarah, hopefully arriving home to fork tender pork roast.   OK chili is definitely a tomorrow project.


It’s possible to eat fantastically well and healthy every day if you do the preparation ahead of time, an amazing meal could often be an assembly of your work from previous days.

5 thoughts on “Food: Buying, Cooking & Eating

  1. 1sonya

    So interesting Heather. I have really got into cooking the last few years. I even did a year chef training at George Brown college. I like your cook ahead mushroom idea… Any particular type of mushroom that you buy/use?

    1. Heather Campbell-Pearce

      Presidents Choice mixed gourmet usually but I bought white and cremini on the weekend. I’m envious about your GB Course. I would have taken that with you!

      1. It was helpful but designed for serious up and coming wanna be chefs. For examp,e, We learned how to wash the floors and entire kitchen!!! I think I pay for someone to do that at home 😉

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