In today’s News – My Mom made Soup Yesterday

In today’s news, my Mom made soup yesterday And here is why this is important.  My Mom is in her mid-70’s and lives alone.  My Dad has been in managed care a few years now with Dementia and after years of caring for him and his health, she now needs to look after just herself.  Making home-made soup is important for a few reasons:

  • She’s active and interested in doing things.
  • She can manage her health by knowing exactly what she’s eating.
  • She made Split Pea soup and it has tons of protein and fiber if you are interested.  (As an aside:  She was very keen to share this fact with me and I with you)  She reports that a new pot is made immediately upon finishing the current one.

I’m happy to report that I may be responsible for her renewed interest in home-made soup.  I’m a cooking fan and spent a weekend with her a few years ago showing her how easy and delicious it is.  She, in turn, inspired me to make soup for lunch yesterday. I started with frozen chicken soup me and my husband made from scratch a month or so ago.  We roast chickens a couple of times a week and save the “liquid gold” drippings (not the fat, just the brown bits that sink to the bottom of your roasting pan) and the carcasses as the base for our broth and add carrots, onions, celery, garlic and leftover roast chicken.  To this base  I added leftovers from my fridge as follows:

  • – about 1/3 cup gluten-free spiral pasta noodles
  • – 1/3 cup white kidney beans from a can
  • – leftover Italian sausage and bell pepper and onion strips
  • -Grated Parmesan cheese or a piece of rind (keep your parmesan rind wrapped in parchment paper and sealed in a baggie in your fridge crisper  and add pieces to soups and stews for amazing flavor)
  • – chopped pickled jalapeño peppers
  • no salt ( watch your salt intake and substitute no salt  for flavor


As an aside I’m trying out affiliate marketing with Amazon and will only recommend products I’ve tried and trust.  My first two recommendations are below.

The feature picture is my finished one -serving chicken soup base/leftovers soup product.  You could garnish with chopped fresh herbs like cilantro or parsley which I will do in the summer when I have access to my herb garden or a dash or two of sriracha or other hot sauce ( my sister-in-law’s scotch bonnet sauce is the best but I’m out at the moment).Perhaps she will share the recipe with me – stay tuned if she shares with me I’ll share with you all.

The best recipe book I know for soup is the Williams-Sonoma Soup Cookbook.I’ve made quite a few of the soup recipes from this book – all delicious.

3 thoughts on “In today’s News – My Mom made Soup Yesterday

  1. 1sonya

    Great soup entry. You were always a great cook. So well written and informative that I’m making soup today! Thx Heather.

  2. Donna

    We were just talking about you and your cooking skills today!!! You and Daryl need to get together in the kitchen soon!!!! Xo

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