You’re not going to put on weight are you?


I was stunned I didn’t know what to say so I said “of course not” and I’m sure he chuckled to himself. As a guy who sells wheelchairs for a living, he was more aware than anyone of the high probability I would put on weight.

It was February 2017 and I was being measured for a custom wheelchair so whatever they fabricated for me to between now and when it was scheduled to be delivered at the end of July would need to fit my ass size as it was on that day…..the day I was being discharged from hospital and going home to make my own food  and exercise choices every day for the rest of my life.

I gave this a lot of serious thought…..I have fought my weight my entire life, not in a major way but gaining those few extra difficult-to-lose-pounds haunts all the women in my family.  We joke that we almost have to stop eating entirely to lose weight.  Here I was at a major step change in my life – I couldn’t just jump on a treadmill and run it off any more  I had to deal with the problem at it’s source – consumption – get serious fast – and no food rewards for good results.

From the comfort and safety of my house the next day, I fumed “what an asshole thing to say”. My body was going to spend a lot more time sitting than it was used to.  Of course I would have to fight hard not to gain weight.  I was already up 10lbs from being captive in hospital for 4 months – yes I’m here to say you can put on weight with hospital food. With gritted teeth I vowed that not only would I not gain weight. I would lose those 10 lbs.  This was the beginning of thinking about getting back to the awesome me I used to be.

I tried dieting which has never really worked well for me.  In the end I just decided to be sensible, eat lots of veggies and protein, avoid carbs  (this wasn’t hard for me as I’ve been gluten-free for many years) and avoid dairy – cream for my coffee was non-negotiable but I gave up yoghurt, cheese and milk.  I hadn’t weighed myself since mid-December  but I did this morning. down 6lbs since December but still short  of where I was before the stroke.  Another 4 or 5lbs and I’ll be  back where I started.  Yay, I was happy there.

Bottom line Advice – just eat a

  1.  sensible and healthy diet – veg, protein and water – sugar is the enemy.  Lately I’ve been drinking lots of hot water with lemon and I’m sure this has been a major catalyst  and
  2. Get some exercise – adding the 15 minute cycle time at the gym has I’m sure been helpful.  If you are not mobile out of a chair yet, try chair yoga.  I’ll post on this in the next week or so -I’m still a newbie and learning the ropes.

Fuck you wheelchair salesman!



2 thoughts on “You’re not going to put on weight are you?

  1. Marie

    My Dear Heather: I was in total shock when i heard the news about your stroke. My heart and prayers are with you. I have no doubt in my mind that you will knock this out of the park my dear. You have always been an inspiration to me and today reading your blog I was once again so proud to have had the pleasure of calling you my friend. Be strong and show them how tough you are. I will keep you in my prayers and in my thoughts. Lots of Love from your old pal… M

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