It’s a Land of Confusion

My house – It’s a land of confusion . In the time between my husband getting up, completing his morning routine and me getting up to complete mine, Roop the Pug  has been hard at work.  He loves shoes and he mostly just drags them around the house and into his beds so he can love them all day long. I think his theory goes something like this. ” my peeps wear theses things when they leave the house and put on different ones when they come back home. If I just have a nap with them  and keep one or some of them close, my peeps will find me and give me a wee bit of love before putting them on.” and we do. Despite the tripping hazards he leaves in his wake he is an awesome little mountain pug.

The featured image today is puppy Roop with my husband’s shoe just a week or two after we took him home – his love of shoes goes back to when he was smaller than my husband’s shoe and he dragged it around our condo in Toronto.

This morning was a major obstacle course.  A boot in the bathroom, another in our bedroom, a slipper in his bed, a running shoe in the kitchen a chew toy rope in the living room.  No carefree strolling around the house for me – tripping hazards everywhere.

He is indeed awesome and He Owns Me as my husband is fond of saying. He sure does and he is lying snoozing in his bed which is bathed in a big sunspot at the moment. Life is good  and he’s had a busy day already (sigh).

It’s  mid-morning and I’m back from an early workout with Marty at the gym.  Bike 15 minutes, weight program 30 minutes, floor program 15 minutes.

Feeling really good, Shona has sent me a list of our yoga poses and stretches from yesterday – some of these will be incorporated into my daily floor program when Sarah is back next week – but for now that will be how I start the day tomorrow and every day I don’t make it to the gym.

Today I am feeling so grateful for my beautiful home, my sweet pug, my amazing husband and friends ( more on them later) and of course the very fine people in Fernie who have chosen to work with me on my journey back to awesome – Sarah, Shona, Karen, Carla, Marty and Dr Erik.

Shona and I spoke yesterday about fate and its role in life’s journey, mine in particular, you reach a fork in your road do you continue on or take the unknown path.  For better or for worse I have always taken the fork and left the certain road behind me.  Made new friends I otherwise would never have met and had some good and some bad life experiences as a result. This time the fork took us to Fernie for my rehab and for  the moment we are all very happy – shoes, boots and all.


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