Do What We Want Saturdays

All week long we are so driven by my rehab routine and my husband’s work routine that we both take the weekends to do exactly what we want.  Today I think I’ll read a book -either on Kindle  or on paper (I have a few that were given as gifts that I should crack open or finish or maybe make some chili —Baby it’s cold outside— and  it’snowing again today just some light flurries to conceal yesterday’s melted ice from that rare sunny day we had.

I’ll save this post and add to it a few times today before publishing because I don’t know yet what the day will offer up to me. We will likely start with breakfast at the diner down the road – Smitty’s in beautiful Upper West Fernie where the food is good and the wait staff unfailingly friendly.  My Mom and Dad loved walking there when they were in town for a visit  – getting up in the early morning while the house was still asleep, they would start the 10 minute walk down the hill for coffee and pancakes – finding joy in each other, the beauty around them  and in someof life’s little pleasures.

We’re back from our drive along Hwy3 to Cranbtook.  We have been listening to audiobooks at for a few years now.  We had about 3 hours of listening time left for Andy Weir’s (The Martian)new book Artemis. Roads were clear andthe day sunny as we drove west out of town and into the mountains.  The feature picture was taken out the front window on the way home via a brief detour to Fort Steele.

That’s it for sight-seeing – next weekI’ll focus on some pragmatic post-stroke hacks and general  what I hope will be useful advice.  Hope you have a lovely & safe weekend.

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