Conscious Posture

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao tzu


Today’s post continues with yesterday’s theme about having a good routine to aid recovery.  Yesterday I did a private yoga session with Shona who helped me  with posture and poses while seated.  This morning I did 30 minutes of chair yoga while watching Chair yoga for seniors with Adriene on Youtube (you don’t have to be a senior to benefit – I’m not – yet) .  In it she talked about conscious posture and it made me think of how often during the day I find myself slumped down in a chair or walking with a bad gait because it’s easy and I’m not paying attention.

Today I’m going to be more conscious of my body and its posture in movement and at rest.  The first step is awareness.  I’m sitting at my computer right now typing with one hand and I noticed that my spine is hunched over towards the keyboard.  It’s not very comfortable.  Give me a moment while I straighten and settle into a better seated posture.  Shoulders back, spine straight, I put a big pillow behind me to support my back and a smaller one under my left arm which is not involved in typing at the moment.  Much better.

Today is Thursday and my routine for today includes an hour at the gym with Sarah.  We start with 15 minutes on the recumbent bike – I’ve been slowly working my way up to a goal of 20 minutes of cardio by March, adding a little every day.  You can see that my legs are tied just below the knees at the thigh.  This is a modification/accommodation made to keep my left leg from drifting (the stroke impacted my left side mobility).  We take it off for 1-3 minutes at the end and I settle into silence and focus on keeping my left leg working in tandem with my right, not letting it flop out as it seems to want to do.  Together with a new AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) I am now able to ride this bike for 20 minutes without falling out of it.  Pausing for a posture adjustment here. Then its into the weight room for 40 minutes of strength building arms and legs using the machines.  We end our session with 10 minutes of TENS electrical stimulation for my left hand and fingers – trying to get some movement back.  Today ends with a visit to Dr. Erik the Chiropracter to see how my spine is doing.

As you can see I try to take care of the whole body and mind in my journey back to awesome.  I’ll post later on exercises and activities I do to keep my mind sharp.  Namaste for now.


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