Hump Day is Massage Wednesday

I used to think having a routine was boring. Post-stroke it keeps me grounded and gives daily purpose to my recovery.   I like my routine to get and keep my body and mind strong and healthy.

Every day that involves vitamins.  Here’s what I take:

  • Vitamin D – about 5000-7000 international units – I use a fast absorbing spray every morning.  The powder conditions for good skiing are amazing here in Fernie but it also makes for lots of overcast days and very little sun.  Vitamin D supplements help with that  and it picks up my mood and improves my energy
  • Krill Oil – or other fish oil –  brain food
  • Glucosamine for joints and every day aches and pains.  It works for me.  I gave this to my old dogs for years and I’m convinced it helped them as they aged and their old bones grew tired from jumping up and down and running around.

Hump day routine is a massage with Karen. She is really good at her profession and can feel the changes in my body from week to week.  Today I think low back needs some attention as I do a lot more sitting than I used to and of course my left hip is slowly coming back online as I work it with Sarah and exercise over the winter – my hip had forgotten how to move with ease.

A surprise addition to today’s routine is a one on one session with Shona the yoga instructor from the beginner’s workshop I attended on Sunday.  She offered to work with me on my poses and transitions so that my practise will be easier and more rewarding for me when I add this exercise to my weekly routine.  More on this later when I’m back.

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