Get Up, Get Ready Show Up: Today I am having late Lunch with Awesome Mountain Friend

Half the battle after a stroke is getting up and getting ready to face the world every day.  If you can move around your house comfortably and get in and out of a car, there is no excuse for staying inside.  There is an amazing world out there and if you haven’t re-joined it already, set a goal to do so.  Maybe it’s just coffee with a friend or family member at the local coffee shop or diner.  You can always call a taxi and head out alone if you feel comfortable with it.  You have to start somewhere.  I like to set targets for myself.  Here are two I plan to accomlish in the spring:

  • go into town alone and do some shopping, have lunch on my own
  • I live on an acerage with a new paved road surrounding my property  Come Spring when the snow is gone I’m going to walk down the hill and up the other side.  This is probably 1km with alot of uphill. It’s a good goal.

The feature picture in this post is withCarla, my beautiful and awesome mountain friend and later today we are going to Cirque which is in the Lizard Creek Lodge at Fernie Alpine Resort.  Here’s my review I posted last night (Calgary Hungry Girl)

What a nice way to spend an evening in the mountains.  If going out like this is new to you here’s some tips:

  • check the parking and accessibility  situation ahead of time
  • Arrange drop off at the door and ask to be seated while your party parks
  • Ask about the restrooms – location and accessability – have someone take a look for you and advise of any hurdles along the way like stairs
  • Watch your alcohol intake  – one or two is probably a good amount  – the evening is not over until you walk or roll back in your front door.  Make it a success by completing it the way you started.  it’s more fun that way, you know without incidents and injuries and the like.



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