Today’s Intention – Beginner’s Yoga and Grab a Bit of Awesome if I Can

Since my stroke, I  like to start every day with a statement of my intention for the day.  Today I have enrolled in a beginners yoga class for Senior’s  55 and older  and my intention is to:

  • complete the class and assess my capabilities
  • learn some modifications
  • meet some new people
  • grab a little bit of awesome that I used to love on a weekend.

Back from my beginners workshop and it was great. If you’ve been wanting a little yoga in your life and are afraid you can’t do it.  Just give it a try.  My instructors were happy to help with modifications to poses to adjust to my skill level.  I’m going back for more and will try to work one class a week into my self-directed rehab program.

My advice: go early, introduce yourself to the instructors, discuss your situation and how much help you want or don’t want. They will appreciate this as they want you to have a great experience And I did. I’ve waited 18 months for this class. I dreamed of it while I was in the hospital and everyone told me it was too soon for yoga – so I waited.

We started standing up so I left on my AFO (ankle-foot- orthotic). This is the ankle brace I wear that helps mitigate my drop foot/rollover problem so I can walk without tripping or spraining my ankle.  We started with mountain pose and  neck stretches  and some breathing exercises. Then onto our knees for cat/ cows.  At this point one of the instructors helpfully brought a yoga chair for me to lean on  whilst doing the cat cows, ending with easing back to child’s pose.

Then onto the floor and onto my back for some bridges and a few leg stretches. I took the AFO off and went barefoot for this part.  This can be as easy or as difficult as you like.  I’m keeping it simple and easy while I learn the patterns. The journey starts with a single step.

I’m going back for more. This time I’ll get there early to pick a prime floor spot and get myself organized. I’m not afraid. I know what to expect and what I am capable of.

Today’s awesome is simple. I’m going to light some pillar candles and leave them on the dining room table where I can watch them sparkle and the shadows dance from my comfy seat in the living room.  Namaste.


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