Motivated Monday – What’s Up this week?

If you don’t design your own life……. You’ll fall into someone else’s plan….And guess what they have planned for you?Not much! 

Jim Rohn (author, entrepreneur)



Today’s image is of the “Three Sisters” just east of where we live in Fernie, BC.  What’s up this week?  Just my weekly routine at the moment  which includes:

  • Work on this new blog for a minimum of one hour every morning, update in the afternoon.
  • Workout with Sarah Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons
  • Lunch with Awesome Mountain Friend Carla on Tuesday afternoon
  • Massage with Karen on Wednesday afternoon
  • Appointment with Dr. Erik for an adjustment on Thursday end of day

I also want to fit in some yoga this week. My experience was so positive at the Beginners class this weekend I would like to make this a part of my weekly routine.









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