Thanks for joining me as I recover from my stroke!

Problem-solving the way forward

When I had a stroke 18 months ago I was fortunate to have an amazing supportive husband who understood how important  self-sufficiency and and access to the “little things”(necessities and vanities) was and would be.  I am one of the lucky ones, I also had access to an extensive network of friends worldwide that I could reach out to for help, conversation or even just prayers.  I came to rely on this social hub of mine even as I became increasingly self-sufficient.  The journey began after my stroke on October 3, 2016 and continues every day. And most days I either found a new hack to help me do something  that was more difficult than it used to be or I thought about the remaining barriers to self sufficiency and tried to problem solve my way forward.

I began thinking about my awesome life and the things I took for granted.  Along the way I came to understand that the only barrier to getting my awesome life back was me and the building blocks to getting it back were right in front of me.  So I got started.

I’ve come to understand that there hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in my situation  and sadly, more joining me worldwide on a daily basis.

But what a resource pool this is with amazing potential if our collective knowledge can be harnessed and shared.

There are lots of fantastic stroke education forums out there and later I’ll post links to the ones I found most helpful.  I want my blog to be about pragmatic everyday hurdles (Like how do you put on a bra with only one functioning hand) – more on this later.

I want to share my thoughts and learnings as I faced them along the way to  full recovery.  I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.  And if you are on this journey too – please share your learnings with me and any other folks traveling this road with us.     If you have a  particular challenge you haven’t been able to sort your way through, please share it with me,  maybe I can help.   This is Day One.  Welcome to my blog.

Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall down. — Oliver Goldsmith


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