Awesome Mountain Girl


Awesome Mountain Girl:
My Post-Stroke Journey back to the awesome me I used to be

This is my daily blog.   I get up and prepared to  face the day, make a cup of coffee and go to my office to write and publish a post every day.  Call it therapy – I enjoy it and I hope you do too. I sincerely hope others on this journey with me will find. something helpful or inspiring in what I write. I had the stroke 18 months ago and I’m on a self-directed rehab program working with a local team  of amazing people helping me get my awesome back. 

The journey back to the me I used to be

When I had my stroke 18 months ago I wished there was someone like me that I could talk to or read about that could help me through my recovery in pragmatic terms. Is there a better way to put on a bra with one hand? Is it worth taking the time to learn or should I just fall back to the lame method I was shown in the hospital? Are there any tools that can help me manage my new reality better? Is chair yoga hard? Or impossible? At what point should I try? How do I get started? There wasn't anything like it. So after beginning my self directed rehab program I decided to share what I've learned in the hopes it is helpful to others or inspirational or just amusing or entertaining.

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